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Maintenance-->Reposting-->Change Codes now allows to feed Date Range, so only those transactions within that date range will get changed to new code.


As per notification, Service Tax On Package Tour has been revised effective 22nd January 2017 as follows :-
Service Tax8.40%
S B Cess0.30%
K K Cess0.30%
Load xLWebPro, go to Updates-->Accounting Defaults-->Date-Wise Parameters and click on "Add" button and define the above parameters. Please be careful on the Effective Date.


While editing Invoices, Receipts, etc., the Staff Name & Creation Date are displayed on Right Top Corner. To prevent these from being displayed, go to Updates-->Accounting Defaults-->General Defaults and move to Set #2, go down to Sr. No. 59 and make your choice.


In case you want a limit on Cash Receipts for upto Rs. 50,000/=, go to Updates-->Accounting Defaults-->General Defaults and move to Set #2, go down to Sr. No. 60 and feed your limit value. 0 (zero) is for NO LIMIT. Cash Receipts beyond this LIMIT shall not be allowed.


While printing Receipt, Payment, Contra or Petty-Cash Register and sorting the report on Account Code, you can get Amount Exceeding Report.


Client Service Tax can now be calculated on the Commission Received from Airline / Supplier. While defining Service Tax Parameter, select "Recd Comm." in the Based On Combo Box.

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